For the curious.. A bit about me

Who am I

  • Husband, dad, brother, son, friend.
  • Software Engineer with 15+ years experience
  • Solution Architect at SSW and SSW TV
  • Also love solving a-m-g-r-a-n-s-a (I mean anagrams)

What do I do

  • Fullstack dev
  • Work remotely from Coffs Harbour
  • Love working on data projects and scripting in Azure

My Videos

YouTube - Azure Real-time Analytics
Figure: YoutTube | Azure Real-time Analytics

YouTube - Transform Your Power BI Dashboard
Figure: YoutTube | Transform Your Power BI Dashboard

Lines I like

  • “Life would be much easier if I had the source code.” - Anonymous
  • “Talk is cheap. Show me the code.” – Linus Torvalds
  • “First, solve the problem. Then write the code.” - John Johnson

That’s enough about me. Let’s get to work!

^ Prem